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The Humpty Doo & Rural Area Golf Club began in November 1984 on Lindsay & Elaine Creek’s 5 acre block at Humpty Doo. A small group of locals met regularly on Sunday mornings for a round on their 4 hole course with sand greens, located around the house & yards.

During 1985 the club acquired a section of land off Pioneer Drive for future development as an 18 hole golf course. By October 1986 there were 155 foundation members. Dave Ayers was elected President in early 1987, and work started in earnest clearing the thick bush which would eventually become the 9 holes on which we play today. Many hours of volunteer labour were spent establishing the course, clearing the fairways, picking up sticks, digging out tree roots & constructing the first four sand greens. 

The original clubhouse consisted of four poles supporting a shadecloth roof, & the toilet was air conditioned with no roof… only to be used in emergencies! The first competition played on the new course (using a combination of the four holes played over & over) was the June 1987 Monthly Medal. Players had to contend with sand, speargrass & bulldust, & often ended up filthy by the end of the round. 

Humpty Doo Golf Club has come a long way since those early days, thanks to the dedication of our many volunteers, who continue to provide much of the support for club & course improvements today.


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